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Star awarded Kaifeng Korea advanced enterprise care of children left behind

Source:Henan Sheng Lixing Hundred Millon Source Food Co.,LTD Update:2014-04-02 Views:96

  Kaifeng Tongxu County care of children left behind the leading group to Korea Star awarded the "Caring for Children Left Behind Advanced Enterprise" honor, Korea Star Sunzong said: " As a corporate citizen , Kaifeng Korea Star Group Company 34 years, grow at the same time , Government Thanksgiving , Thanksgiving society , never forgot their social responsibility , care for children left behind are just the beginning, we would love to help the front row , the public service as a sustained action ever pursued. Additionally , we would like to see more An increasing number of companions , and more volunteers are welcome to join . "

  In recent years, the problem of children left behind in rural areas is a prominent social problem. Left-behind children in rural areas are at a critical period of growth and development , they can not get their parents on their thinking and understanding and values to guide and help the growing lack of concern and care for their parents emotional , easily generate awareness on the value of the deviation occurs psychology, learning, living, lack of social care and other issues , and some even took the road of crime . Solve the problem of children left behind , become an important issue , " three rural issues " and even affect the future development of the country.

  For a long time , Kaifeng Lixing adhering to the " technology to create the future" bright future , relying on scientific and technological strength and collective wisdom to achieve the continuous development of the enterprise itself and the staff in the creation of huge material wealth for the community , but also did not forget its social responsibility