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Lixing aluminum content without alum 0 vermicelli noodles device without alum

Source:Henan Sheng Lixing Hundred Millon Source Food Co.,LTD Update:2014-04-02 Views:91

  Not long ago, the Internet a " pasta containing alum ," the message is in diners circles raged. Is this true ? ? " Is it true ," the reporter through the market to buy the noodles detected irregularities did exist alum . Experts said that alum intake, increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease .

  Online article said : In order to make the taste more chewy noodles , businesses are illegal in a lot of adding alum to vermicelli . So by adding alum powder can be easily picked up a wide installed two liters of Coke ! Ministry of Health clearly defined : According to " food additives health standards " does not cover the use of alum noodles, vermicelli processing and therefore can not be used . So really in the market to buy such a full stretch and alum exceeded vermicelli it?

  Reporters were purchased six kinds of pasta samples from Beijing Tongzhou Baliqiao markets, emerging markets and Beijing Beijing Dazhongsi market . According to the article in the statement, adding alum will become chewy noodles even picked up two liters of cola heavy , that reporters can buy the noodles picked up the coke? First, the sample was removed from the market reporter bought a wide powder . Then, according to the online method, the thicker a wide powder soaked in water to soften. After a reporter experiments , two liters of Coke really be easily re- picked up this wide powder . Afterward, the reporter also found a 30 -pound chairs , the result of a thin vermicelli even picked up a steel chair !

  Well, this could explain their excessive amount of alum added to it? Vermicelli samples reporter sent to Beijing to buy beautiful land of technical inspection center for testing, inspectors李燕斌told reporters : "We are generally by the determination of aluminum , to detect the content of the sample alum , chemical formula because alum is potassium aluminum sulfate , itself containing aluminum . "

  Kaifeng Lixing Machinery is the 34 years engaged in agricultural processing equipment , intended to create vermicelli vermicelli three pink mechanical aircraft carrier Enterprise , the fifth generation 6FJT series produced straight cut type crystal fans ( of ) a distinctive feature of the production line , the device comprising: a change traditional style squeeze drain pans , chamber plug rod Liangshai production process, using the international advanced level of straight cutting , shaping entrainment , constant temperature and humidity , cold , freezing, affected by seasonal climate , enabling continuous uninterrupted line operations, to overcome the traditional production of many problems, is a leading fan production and processing equipment. The device has a significant advantage : to achieve a fully automatic , fully enclosed , multi-function , automatic feeding, automatic temperature control for the integration of production . Equipment and technology innovations enable the production of vermicelli no need to add alum , will improve Naizhu fans , fans can not muddy soup.

  Test report as follows :