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Central sets vermicelli Riga alum is that true?

Source:Henan Sheng Lixing Hundred Millon Source Food Co.,LTD Update:2014-04-02 Views:60

  Two sets of CCTV Financial Channel, "Is it true" column --- vermicelli in the country banned containing alum is true? Kaifeng Lixing Machinery is the 34 years in agricultural processing equipment, intended to create vermicelli vermicelli three pink machinery aircraft carrier Enterprise, the fifth generation 6FJT series straight cut type crystal fans (bar) produced significant characteristics of the production line, the device comprising: extruding drain pans to change the traditional style, room Liangshai plug rod production process, using international advanced level of straight cutting, shaping entrainment, constant temperature and humidity, low temperature, freezing, affected by seasonal climate, enabling continuous uninterrupted pipeline operations, to overcome the traditional production of many problems, is a leading fan production and processing equipment. The device has a significant advantage: to achieve a fully automatic, fully enclosed, multi-function, automatic feeding, automatic temperature control for the integration of production. Equipment and technology innovations enable the production of vermicelli no need to add alum, will improve Naizhu fans, fans can not muddy soup.