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  A dealer must have: far-sighted strategic vision ﹑ ﹑ unique business ideas have a certain market experience and deep knowledge of the brand ; dealers in the region have a higher reputation , integrity management , a good business reputation, no adverse credit records , to actively integrate resources , the initiative to invest resources to develop the market , there is a fair spirit of cooperation, there is sufficient financial strength to operate Lixing brand , be able to do after the first shipment ( cash settlement ) .

  Two dealers have a sound distribution network , with : super , dining industry ﹑ circulation in one or more channels there are obvious advantages , the channel can cover more than 70% of active clients , and various local channel customers with good customer love relationships.

  Three dealers have a certain distribution capabilities within their region and signing sales channels , off the assembly line in time to meet the needs of customers and supply terminals are not allowed to supply shortages caused by human factors .

  Four Star recognition Lai marketing concept , understanding ﹑ ﹑ support the implementation of the company sales policy , to fulfill sales contracts , execute promotional activities within the region according to the company requirements.

  Five right center, with the company's marketing and finance department personnel in charge of the work of the regional markets .

  Lixing six regional distributors : Main products of our company , to promote the franchise .

  Seven regional distributors may not cross-selling , shall not affect the normal sales activities surrounding areas .

  Eight regional distributors in strict accordance with product sales price, not free prices or price cuts, price cuts and the surrounding region of malicious refusal to bargain with each other ﹑ changing products and so on.

  Nine regional distributors distribute a comprehensive range of products the company may not be out of business, and actively promote the company's new products to market work.

  Ten of the provisions of the regional total distribution is authorized , must be strictly enforced , authorized for a period of one year , the year-end assessment, contrary to the regional total distribution authorization criteria or objectives and tasks can not be completed , the company reserves the right to cancel the regional distributor for by the company contrary to the assessment year without authorization standard phenomenon , the timely completion of a contract of sale with the company mission , properly deal with the relationship with the company , and by the company praise , competent regional distributor , the company will re- authorize its regional distributor , the exercise next year in the region power distributor .