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  Henan Lixing billion Source Food Co., Ltd. , part of Henan Lixing Group . Group subsidiary Kaifeng Korea Star Machinery Co., Ltd. , Henan Lixing billion Source Food Co., Ltd. , Korea Star High School , Lixing Chinese Medicine Hospital , Lai Xing Technology Demonstration Garden . Henan Lixing billion Source Food Co., Ltd. was established in June 2007 , is located in the county through the North Star Road Xu Li Industrial Zone One , covering 50 acres , 260 employees, an annual output of 1,500 tons cut type crystal fans production lines , 2000 tons of cut -type production line for fans , 300 tons of crystal vermicelli ( grain surface ) production line , and the latest on-line yuba production line. Companies strive to build the Central Plains biggest fan vermicelli noodles three powder processing base , promote green nature , to lead a healthy life !

  Companies using the Group ( Kaifeng City, Laguna Star Machinery Co. ) independently developed domestic leading level of national patent invention automatic closure of Lixing brand crystal fans , crystal vermicelli , vermicelli noodles production line, changed the traditional drying process, using potato pure sweet potato starch and starch as raw material , the use of deep well mineral water , do not use any additives, production of crystal fans, for fans , grain noodles, mung bean vermicelli , yuba and other products, with shining brilliantly, creamy chewiness , do not mix soup , continuous strip characteristics, is a hotel restaurant and family dining table necessary product.