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  Thank you for a long time for Korea Star concern and support ! Thirty years , Lixing from small to large, deep thanks to your trust and support effort . Company founder Sun Desheng , China's first generation of outstanding entrepreneurs to Superman courage, the courage to take the lead , lead the people to create a corporate Lixing 34 years of glorious achievements .

  Recalling the beginning of creation , entrepreneurial difficulties , past memorable : Founded in the early 1980s , the original village enterprises processing plant in March 1980 to build, set up by criminal Tongxu Village , Chengguan Town Committee, the main production and processing machinery instrument accessories, invested 500 thousand dollars, covers an area of 4600 square meters , the staff more than a dozen people, two dozen houses began among the most difficult of the original business. Initial construction , due to the small scale , backward technology costs big , annual output value of only about $ 30,000. At that time technology, personnel , resources, we do not can rely on , Lixing hardworking people who rely on hard work, perseverance , spent the difficulties and challenges facing the development of the imagination , has won more and more customers and partners trust.

  After seven years of hard work , seven years of hard work , business has been a breakthrough development in 1987 to private enterprise , moved to happiness Tongxu County Road East , covers an area of 7,000 square meters , specialized processing equipment to further automate to production and processing in the main pressure valve , to more than 30 employees , annual output value reached 20 million. And a number of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science and Technology College , Chinese Academy of Food , Henan University, marriage , the scientific and technological achievements of the first to produce power directly into service for the benefit of the community.

  Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold , after a decade of continuous improvement, the company internal management, the production process have been gradually mature and stable. The rapid development and expansion of businesses , products to further expand the extension . In 1990 the company changed its name to Li starch vermicelli Star Equipment Co., Ltd. , Henan Province , the company moved Tongxu County Water Conservancy Station yard , covering 10,000 square meters , the staff increased to 80 people , the output value of 100 million yuan, the products to agricultural processing and starch processing machinery and equipment. Dare Lai star who , holding the benefit of the good wishes of their homeland , and in 1991 successfully developed China's first fully automated crystal vermicelli production line to achieve the vermicelli , noodles industry from extensive to the quality of the rapidly changing ; finished Lai Star Machine from " Jane, stupid , heavy, rough ," "high, fine, sharp , small " changes to the high-end products, general equipment , have won the national fifteen patents , creating a precedent for fans vermicelli mechanized production , the production line with "three high" advantage, high-tech , high value-added and high productivity in the country , " three powder" process in the history of an important milestone in establishing a !

  After the storm, Fruitful, Lixing dedicated people , a practical step by step, in 1995 the company moved to Tongxu County North Industrial Zone, covering 35 acres , 180 employees , an annual turnover of 12 million yuan , based on vermicelli production line , combined with international advanced technology , developed the country's first fully automated production line closed crystal fans , the production line without hanging rods to dry , from raw materials into the machine to dry the fans out machine, one-stop production line , ending the history of hand- extrusion . After completion of the primitive accumulation of capital, Lixing decision to invest in specialty hospitals, schools and social welfare both industry and social returns. Enterprise has developed into scientific research , production, development , trade, education, health care as an integrated joint-stock industrial company , in 2005 the company officially changed its name to Kaifeng City Star Machinery Co., Korea .

  " Be tolerant to diversity , tolerance is a virtue ," a business as long as continuous learning and learn more advanced thought and culture , in order to maintain vitality. With the continuous development of the company's product updates , product demand, equipment overload operation , expansion imminent problem . By experts , in order to adapt to the situation and development needs , the company leadership and decisive decisions about relocation of the new company , in June 2007 the construction of the foundation , in April 2008 the company moved Tongxu High-tech Development Zone , is located 500 meters from the motorway exit Nichinan , unique geographical location, gives us a historic opportunity to grow and develop . At present , the company covers an area of 50 acres and has a staff of 300 , creating a huge economic and social benefits from the early 1980s, with total assets less than $ 30,000, grew to more than 100 million yuan .

  Strong technical force , advanced production equipment , perfect testing equipment , advanced CAD design and data processing systems , supporting improved machinery and equipment manufacturing companies and equipment installation team ; wealth of successful technology and experience, 23 national patents , businesses developing a steady stream of power , more vitality , cohesion and competitiveness , process equipment to achieve synchronization with the international technical standards development , product throughout the country exported to Southeast Asian countries, lay one ranked company in the forefront of the industry position ! Lixing people with wholehearted zeal and high sense of responsibility , the use of efficient management mechanism , solidarity of all employees, the company ushered in the spring development, scaled off the broad road !

  34 years of our existence and development , we have 34 years of trials and hardships , 34 years, we have always firmly believed --- we will do better ! With hard work and tireless efforts to create a series of industry attention another brilliant performance . Witness the growth of honor , certainly motivate leap. Although we have made great achievements, but more a sense of heavy responsibility . At the same time enjoy the honor and joy , will take this as encouragement and motivation to undertake the past , create the future !

  Lixing growth for 34 years , is struggling Lixing 34 years , is the development of Lixing 34 years , is a brilliant Lixing 34 years . Today Lixing , now has fans formed a production line , vermicelli production line, starch processing equipment , air drying equipment , vegetable dehydration equipment, yuba , bean curd production line six pillar industries , keep pace with the new pattern ; today's Kaifeng Lixing Group Laguna City Star Machinery Co. , Kaifeng City Lixing billion Source food Co. , Kaifeng Lixing Tongxu County Middle School, Tongxu County Women and Children health Care Hospital , Kaifeng Tongxu County Hospital ; today Lixing , experienced a primary stage , stage of development towards the advanced stage of brand development ; today Lai Lai Sing Star to establish a comprehensive manufacturing and processing industries grand strategy towards large group !